April 18th – “Rising Through Forgiveness”

This Sunday our “Rise With Christ” series continues as we consider what forgiveness can mean for us and for those we are called to forgive. While forgiveness can seem impossible, the empty tomb is evidence that God has done harder things. CCLI# 1136489

Sermons In This Series

April 11th – “Risen And Alive”

Christ is Risen and Christ is present with us now! On the Road to Emmaus, the disciples learned that Christ is not only alive but active and able to be encountered in discussion, scripture reading, and Holy Communion.


April 4th – Easter Sunday

Christ is Risen! Indeed, Christ is risen! This week we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord – his victory over the power of Sin, his defeat of death, and the opening of the path to eternal life for us. Christ is Risen! Hallelujah! 


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