Adult Small Groups

Christian Caregiving

Wednesday Evenings

August 14, 21 & 28

  • 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Do you find yourself in situations where you feel nudged to offer a prayer or care but worry you won’t get it right? Do you want to cultivate skills for offering care grounded in our Christian faith to friends and family? Join Pastor Jenny and our Stephen Ministry leaders for this three week course designed to help develop skills and comfort in offering care. We will read together “Christian Caregiving; A Way of Life”

Need a Recovery or Grief Support Group? 
Check out Wesley Freedom’s
Hope Rising Resource Center!

Other Ongoing Groups, Studies, and Activities

Check out the descriptions of the types of groups at Wesley Freedom and then scroll down to see our schedules and opportunities

Life Groups

Life Groups are made up of people who share common interests, life stage or geographic area. They covenant together to meet weekly, study scripture or discipleship practices, and serve beyond the walls of the church every month or two. These groups commit to staying together for 12-18 months and have a maximum number of participants.

Discipleship Groups

Meet weekly with groups of people to explore Scripture and the Christian faith. In these groups you will find people ranging from those who aren’t sure about Christianity and want to learn more to those who are committed disciples and love to go deeper. New seasonal studies are formed throughout the year so there is always something starting. Or, jump right in to one of our ongoing classes!

*Affiliated Community Groups are not operated by Wesley Freedom Pastors or Members and may not reflect the views of Wesley Freedom or The United Methodist Church


This eclectic class of social groups each has its own unique flavor. Friends gather to enjoy each other’s company while they have breakfast, lunch, or attend a special event. Some include time for prayer and devotion, but their main focus is just to get together


Ongoing Discipleship Groups

If you would like to attend a group, please first contact the group leader to make sure there have been no last minute changes to time or location

Sunday, 8:00am: Chapters (Affiliated Community Bible Study)

Yes, it is that simple. This group works through the Bible a “Chapter” at a time, moving between the Old Testament and the New Testament. This group is one you can move in and out of as each week’s study is independent of itself; you don’t have to worry about missing a class or making up work. 

Location: Currently online, email Ben White for Zoom link

Leader: Ben White (

Sunday, 9:30am: Christianity In A Secular World

This group studies scripture by reading through a book of the Bible. If you are looking for a mix of people with whom to connect, who sometimes has brunch and works on church projects together, this is a group for you. Just bring your Bible

Location: Eldersburg Campus, Room A2 (Main Office Conference Room)

Leader: Roger Bridges (

Sunday, 9:30am: Stories Made New

This group is a fun, entertaining and eclectic group of individuals dedicated to improving their knowledge of God’s Holy Scriptures, Jesus’ ministry and the life of the early church. This group also addresses seasonal topics during Lent and Advent.

Location: Eldersburg Campus, Room 201

Leader: Vic Cison (

Tuesday, 9:45AM: Bible & Breakfast Women’s Group

A Women’s Bible study where you are invited to bring your breakfast on the go and join women of all ages to read and study Scripture.

Location: Eldersburg Campus

Leader: Gloria Stankiewicz (

Tuesday, 6:30pm: ADAM Men’s Group (Affiliated Community Bible Study)

The Zoom link below is for the ongoing A*D*A*M men’s Bible study hybrid meeting, occurring every Tuesday from 6:30—7:30 pm Eastern, beginning Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

 This group meets to read the Bible and discover its meaning – usually one chapter at a time.

This meeting is for anyone interested in learning more about the Bible and the stories it contains. All men from any faith (or no faith at all) are invited to attend.  This class is intended to educate and inform rather than indoctrinate or coerce, and our aim is to learn rather than argue. Anyone may listen/watch.

The in-person portion of ADAM takes place at Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church –  Wesley Freedom Google Map Pin. Attendance space is limited, but if you care to join in person, please confirm an open chair by emailing  @Chapters Bible Study

The format of the meeting is to read at least one chapter of the Bible, out loud, and discover its meaning for ourselves. We do this through leader-lecture, discussion, and Q&A. We interpret what we read through three theological tenets (or lenses), which attendees may either question or confirm, depending on where they stand in their individual faith journey. To assist the newcomer, I have listed the tenets as questions one can ask oneself while listening to the Scripture being read:

Is God real? I mean, really, Really real? If so, is the Bible telling me the truth? Is Jesus who He says He is, and if so, how can I know Him?

Location: Room 201

Leader: Ben White  (

Tuesday Evening: Women of Wesley (On Break)

Women of all ages, in all different seasons of their lives and in all different stages of their spiritual journey make up this group. If you are a woman who enjoys studying scripture, laughter, and fellowship with other women, then you will want to check this group out.

Location: Room 200 (Re-Starting In April 2024)

Leader: Sharon Feldman (

Friday, 8:00am: Friday Followers

Friday Followers is a small group which meets at Panera from 8:00-9:00am on Friday mornings to read & discuss a chosen book of the bible. This group is co-ed and open to new participants

Leader: Kevin Silberzahn (

Friday, 9:30am: Friday Friends

Friday Friends is a small group of women (with coffee) who meet to study daily readings or devotionals and discuss how they are meaningful today.

Leader: Lynn Clarke (

Fellowship Groups



3RD WEDNESDAY @ 11:00 – ROOM 101

All are welcome to join this group (50+) which begins with devotions together and then carpools to a predetermined restaurant of their choice for lunch. 

Men’s Breakfast


All men are invited to meet together for a hearty breakfast and time of devotion and discussion.

Prime Timers


This social group (mostly retired individuals and couples) enjoys getting together for dinner, dessert and get-togethers in members’ homes. 

MOPS (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers)

Our M.O.P.S. group has returned! If you are interested in learning more about this group or joining, check out their website here:

Got Questions?

If you don’t see something that fits your schedule, or if a group you are interested in is currently at its maximum capacity, please contact our staff and we will be happy to discuss other options. New groups are always forming along with seasonal studies. 

Contact Pastor Ian