Wesley Freedom:
Sharing The Story Of God’s Grace

We are a vibrant faith community in the heart of Eldersburg, Maryland. We welcome people of all faith backgrounds and hope you will experience the love of God. You are welcome here!

Our Mission

To make disciples of Jesus Christ who share the story of God’s grace.

Our Vision

To see the lives of people in our community forever changed by God’s grace

Our Beliefs

We hold to the historic Christian faith as found in the Bible and passed down by the Church. We worship One God in Three Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that God lovingly created the world and re-creates it by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By grace, we are forgiven of sin and baptized into the new life Christ offers—a life of love, justice, and mercy. As United Methodists, we emphasize the marvelous grace of God, the pursuit of holy living, and the joy of the Christian life.


To learn more about the history, doctrine and belief of The United Methodist Church, please explore our statements of faith at  www.umc.org

Our Campus

961 Johnsville Road, Eldersburg, Maryland 21784

Main Building

Our main building faces Johnsville Road and is where Sunday worship, most Sunday School classes are held.

Freedom Youth Center (FYC)

The Freedom Youth Center (FYC) faces Liberty Road and is used for High School Ministry, Middle School Ministry, and our Boy & Cub Scouts.

Wesley Chapel

Built in 1822, Wesley Chapel sits across Liberty Road from our current facilities. Though no longer able to be used, Wesley Chapel ties us back to this congregation’s 200+ year history.