This week Rev. Jenny begins a conversation which is designed to help us understand anxiety and learn strategies which can help us cope and find renewed health while living with anxiety.  This teaching moment will begin and end with a prayer exercise which can be utilized often.





Finding Joy in the Holidays

 As the holidays approach many of us are wondering how we can experience hope and joy amidst so many changes and disruptions. Join Rev. Jenny and Cecil Cunningham, LCPC for a conversation around how to find hope in the holidays ahead



 Journeying Through Grief

Are You Experiencing Grief? Join Pastor Jenny for, “Journeying Through Grief” our first Wednesday Wisdom Event. This conversation with Cecil Cunigan is an opportunity to explore how grief impacts our health and offers insight and guidance on how to journey through grief in healing ways. This is the first in a series of conversations with local mental and spiritual health professionals designed to offer you wisdom and pastoral care.