Hospitality Ministries

Belong to Jesus

At Wesley Freedom, our hope is that everyone who walks onto the campus of Wesley Freedom feels a sense of belonging.  Newcomers are guests of God, not strangers. Our hospitality servants are here to help greet and assist our friends and visitors. 



Parking Lot Servants

Our Parking Lot Ministry Attendants guide our drivers to available parking spaces and exits and serve on a rotating basis.  Wear an orange vest and a smile, communicate with walkie talkies and help keep our parking lots safe for our drivers and walkers.



We value first impressions at Wesley Freedom. Be a witness to all who enter here by wearing your smile, holding a door, and greeting our visitors and members with a friendly “hello”. Greeters are needed for all three services. Special Event Greeters are called upon when needed. For our Christmas and Easter Services, we call upon numerous greeters to help us direct our visitors. If you are looking for a great way to serve with your family, this is it

ConneXion Point Servants

Interact with people as you help them sign-in to worship,  gather children’s worship materials and provide them with needed information. Give our first time visitors a special gift. Serve as many times as you would like each month.

Worship Support Ministries

Serve Like Jesus

We hope that our visitors and members feel comfortable in worship. Our Worship Servants are here to help you find a seat, answer any questions and help our pastors as needed.




Liturgists and Readers

Liturgists and Readers lead prayers and read scripture during worship services. If you have a good speaking voice, this is a ministry for you.


Communion Servers

Communion Servers present the elements of Communion to the congregation at the direction of the pastor. 




As our members and visitors enter our sanctuary, the friendly faces of the ushers greet them with warm smiles as they hand out bulletins and assist them with seating. They also assist and help out in any other way during services.


Technology Servants

Tech Ministry operates the audio-visual equipment during worship services.  This is a great opportunity for people who enjoy technology and would like to serve outside the spotlight



Worship Visuals Team

Worship Visuals Team decorates the altar, sanctuary and gathering area to create a multi-sensory experience of worship. The team meets as necessary to work on projects throughout the year.