Wesley Freedom Endowment

Your gift to the endowment fund can provide sustainable resources to fund ministry and capital improvements for generations to come. Wesley Freedom UMC is in partnership with the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation (MAUM).

MAUM is available to help you maximize your impact and tax advantages and will often facilitate your giving at no cost to you or the church. You can explore your giving options here. The robust MAUM website offers testimonials and complete planning guides at http://www.maumflegacy.org/.

These excellent resources can get overwhelming so we are here to help! For personalized assistance on making your gift to our endowment, contact our partner (and Sykesville neighbor) Frank Robert at 410-309-3475 or frankrobert.mafoundation@gmail.com, or check in with our Endowment Leader, Mark Gage, at gage1155@aol.com.