My God Talk – Week of June 21, 2020

Members and Friends,

In times of stress and uncertainty, we go to God in prayer. I hope that this prayer helps you to have a conversation with God this week. If this is how you are feeling, please pray it with me. Also, feel free to modify it or create your own!

Pastor Ian

High King of Heaven,

I look out and see the summer rains washing over the earth, sustaining your creation in life and strength. In the light of the sun creation flourishes – a silent witness to your glory. I know, Lord, that your mercy showers us abundantly. You send your grace – like the rain – on the both the righteous and unrighteous, the worthy and unworthy, the faithful and the unfaithful. I am grateful knowing that even when I turn away from you, your mercies do not leave me. Even when I parch myself and refuse to drink from the well of your love, your rains still fall down for me. As the plants turn themselves to meet the rays of the sun, help me to turn myself toward the uncreated light of your Son.

God, this nation cries out for your care and deliverance. Some for justice, some for healing, some for protection. Remember your promises, O Lord! You promised that if we ask, then it shall be given; you promised that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, then we could command mountains to move. Lord, remember your promises! Be the avenger of wrongdoings. Be the great physician and bring health. Protect the people of this nation and this world from pestilence and plague and foolishness. My trust remains in you, Lord. You are ever faithful. You keep your promises.

And still, my God, I am anxious. The coronavirus still ravages this nation even as it abates around the world. Grant to us the diligence to continue this fight, and protect us from the temptation to wave a flag of surrender out of convenience. Be with those fighting for their lives and the doctors and nurses trying to treat them. Lord your grace rains down on all, but give to them an extra portion for the sake of my prayer.

Draw near all those in places of isolation or separation – either physical or emotional. Save the suffering, comfort the afflicted, and strengthen your Church so that we might minister to any who need it, just as you have ministered to us.

As the light of your Son shines throughout the world, let it shine a little extra on those who are struggling – which at this point seems like all of us. Draw them close to you, and let them feel your embrace now; that same embrace which is our ultimate joy and salvation.

This is my prayer in the name of Christ Jesus, the Lord.