HSM Family Groups

HSM Family Groups
“Family Groups”are once a week groups that offer a more diverse experience for our High School Students. These family groups gather around shared student interests. Find a family group that fits your interests. You are not limited to just one group, but may come to all if you wish. Each Family has at least two adult leaders (that are safe sanctuary trained). They will take attendance and have a Biblical Devotional component. In addition to the once a week family group, which will meet 3-4 times a month, we will be having Family Reunions. The Reunions will be events and activities that hopefully will bring us all together for a time of Fun and Community. 
This Week’s Family Group Schedule
Game Family 
Where: The McDermott or Brocious House
When: Friday Nights
What is it: This will be a time for HS students who love video games or board game to come together, play and hangout.
What to Bring: Please bring your favorite game/controller to the following systems: Wii U, Xbox360, PS4 or Game Cube, Favorite Snack (to share) (Drinks will be provided)
Leaders: Suzanne McDermott, and Tracey Brocious
Worship, Bible, & Discussion Family
Where: FYC (Youth Building)
When: Sundays  from 7-8:30 pm
What is it: A time for a short opening game, Worship, Bible Teaching and Discussion.
Leaders: Daniel Barnett, Eric & Beth Belknap
Girls Bible Study (Snacks will be provided)
Where: Main Building at Wesley Freedom
When: Sundays from 5:15-6:40 pm
Leaders: Carlie Barnett and Ruth Whittenburg
Please let Carlie or Ruth know if you are planning on coming or if you like would your daughter to get involved
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Boys Bible Study
Where: FYC Living Room
When: Sundays from 5:45 to 6:45 pm
What is it: A time for HS Boys to come together to share their lives and faith.
What to bring: Yourself
Leaders: Karl Whittenburg & Mark Gage
For more information, contact our Director of Youth, Daniel Barnett (dbarnett@wesleyfreedom.org)