How To Join

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome at Wesley Freedom. You do not have to join in order to participate in worship, many areas of serving, and small groups or classes. However, membership is an excellent way to make an initial or ongoing commitment to follow Jesus Christ, to say “count me in.”  Follow the steps below to join, or contact the church office with your questions.

1. Discover Wesley Freedom (optional) is a gathering with the pastors for those who are new or interested in learning more about our church.  We’ll hear a little about your story, share some of our church’s story, and give you a tour of the church building. Your children are welcome to join us, and childcare will be provided. The cost is free, but please  contact the church office for days and times. 

2. Discover Discipleshp:  For those interested in learning more about what it means to be a Disciple and for those seeking membership, we offer a 6-week course which explores the Christian faith, discipleship and church life.

Next class: A Disicple’s Path.  Have you ever had a sense there ought to be more to being a member of the church than just attending worship, making a pledge, and sitting on a committee?  Wherever we are along the journey of faith, we are pestered by the realization that church should not just be where we go, but who we are.  But how do we do that?  Like disciples who have come before you, you may ask how, what, where…..  This class is offered at 9:45 am on Sundays, beginning October 1, Room 500 or 9:30 am on Wednesdays, beginning October 4, Room 201.  Please contact the church office.

3. Commit: Make or renew your membership vows to Christ and the Church. This will take place in a service of worship before the congregation. We want to welcome you with a round of applause and our commitment to be there for you. If you are not baptized, this would be the time for baptism.


When you are ready, there are several ways to join our congregation.

Baptism Through baptism, we are welcomed into the family of Christ, given new birth through water and the Spirit, offered a sharing in Christ’s death and resurrection, cleansed from our sin. All of this is God’s gift, offered to us without price. Baptism is the welcome rite of the church—we offer it to people of all ages as a sign of God’s prevenient grace. To learn more about our UM view on baptism click here.

Adults Seeking Baptism – shall participate in the Next Steps class. If they would like, they are also welcome to schedule a meeting with the pastor to discuss the baptism further. To schedule a baptism, please contact our church office.

Infants Seeking Baptism– Parents or guardians of the infant shall either attend Next Steps, or set up a meeting with a pastor to discuss the vows and meaning of baptism. To schedule a baptism, please contact our church office.

Profession of faith — a first-time commitment to Christ through the Sacrament of Baptism. We are delighted to baptize you during one of our worship services.*

Reaffirmation of faith — a reaffirmation of your commitment to Christ.

Transfer of membership – from another Methodist church or another denomination.

ConfirmationWe invite our 8th graders to go through a year-long process of confirming their baptism and reaffirming their faith. On Confirmation Sunday, they join the church!

* If you have been baptized at any point in your life, it is not necessary to be baptized again. If you have not been baptized, baptism is the most important part of joining the church.