Give to Wesley Freedom


God has given us so many good gifts! We return a portion of these gifts back to God through our tithes and offerings.  Let us always be “Ready to Share”.

 1 Timothy 6:15-17


How to give? You are welcome to make your gift through cash or check during the worship service. You may prefer to set up electronic fund transfer or give online.

What is electronic fund transfer? With electronic fund transfer (EFT) you authorize the electronic transfer of funds from your checking or savings account to the church’s checking account. We currently have 80 families using this service.  You can choose to have the withdrawal made weekly, monthly, or twice per month. To get started, simply fill out this electronic fund transfer form and turn it in to the church or finance office. If your financial situation changes, you are welcome to change your EFT donation at any time.

How do I give online? You can set up a one-time or recurring online gift with our secure program by clicking here.

What is my offering used for? Weekly offerings are used for the church’s total ministry in the community and world. These include operating expenses (mortgage, electricity, phones, building maintenance, etc.), ministry area expenses (Sunday school, adult education, youth, etc), worship expenses (music, supplies, equipment, etc.), staff salaries, and office expenses (paper, postage, supplies, etc.) unless the donation is designated for a specific use.

Mission Offering designated for “mission”/”outreach”  are separate from the General Fund. They support our ministries in the areas of Housing, Hunger, Health and Human Dignity. Some funding goes to in-house mission projects like Feed My Sheep or the South Carroll Food Pantry. Other funds support partner organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Shepherd’s Staff, or Bread for the World.

Can I designate an offering for something in particular? Yes, gifts can be designated for specific use by writing the use on the memo line of your check or giving specific instructions in writing to the treasurer or one of the pastors.

Are my donations tax-deductible? Yes, unless goods (such as flowers) or services (such as weddings) are received by the donor.

What structures are in place to ensure the church’s financial responsibility and transparency? A Finance Committee is elected annually by the Charge Conference. The committee compiles an annual budget which is submitted to the Church Council for approval. With the help of a group of counters, the Financial Secretary is responsible for counting and promptly depositing donations, and maintaining accurate donor records. The Treasurer disburses payments for expenses as named in the church budget, and prepares monthly financial statements which are submitted to the Church Council. All benevolent  donations are submitted on a monthly basis to the conference treasurer or the respective designated charity.

Can I donate stocks or bonds? Yes, you can donate stocks or bonds. Please contact the treasurer for specific instructions.

What is an estimate-of-giving? Each Fall, we ask our members and regular attenders to make a pledge of their giving for the upcoming year. These are useful to the finance committee when establishing the church budget.  Because your pledge is an estimate you can adjust it at any time as your financial circumstances change.