We look forward to meeting you


We want you to feel comfortable walking through our doors. Each of our worship services lasts about an hour.  Our atmosphere is relaxed and dress style is casual. Our pastors and staff can be found to greet you in the Gathering Area after each service.  Here are some things you can familiarize yourself with before coming. 

Parking Lot: There are two entrances off of Johnsville Road. Feel free to park in any space provided.  If you need assistance, we have parking lot greeters to help. Fair warning—some Sundays it gets a bit packed.

Main Building: You’ll want to enter our largest building. You can use any entrance.

Greeters will meet you at the door to guide you to our sanctuary and classrooms.  They will gladly assist you if you need directions. 

The Gathering Area is where you will find our Information Center and our ConneXion Point. This is a great place to ask your questions, locate classes, receive a handmade gift and to pick up more information to learn more about our ministries!

Coffee: Look for the sign pointing you to our hospitality station in our Community Life Center (Room 500). Our coffee and tea are free and fair-trade. You are welcome to take it into the Gathering Area or Sanctuary with you.

Our Sunday School Classrooms are located throughout the building. Look for the signs on the doors for the appropriate grade levels. You may enroll your child in Sunday School at any time!  Registration forms are available in the classrooms.

Nursery: Our nursery  is located in Room 107. You can sign-in your child to our  Safe-Sanctuaries  trained volunteers.

A Cry Room overlooking our Sanctuary is available for privacy for nursing mothers and fussy babies. 

The Sanctuary is located off the Gathering Area. Upon entering, we’ll give you a bulletin, which has the order of worship (8:30 and 9:45) or just the announcements (11:00). Feel free to pick up a Children’s Worship Bag for your children to use during the service.  You are welcome to sit wherever you would like.  

Worship: Our pastors and music leaders use screen projectors as they guide you through the worship experience. We don’t ask our visitors to stand up to be recognized, but instead ask you to fill out a ConneXion Card to record your presence. While we hope your focus in worship will be on God, please don’t worry about your kids making noise, needing the restroom, or knowing the songs.

ConneXion Card: We invite everyone to fill out a tear-off card from your bulletin, and place it in the offering plate during worship. You may list prayer concerns here or request additional information about areas of interest.  This helps us recognize you as a visitor.  We treat your information with respect!

After worship: Please introduce yourself to those around you, especially the pastors or staff!  Pick up your kids from Sunday School or Nursery and stop by our Information Center  and ConneXion Point in the Gathering Area.


Learn more about Worship, Sunday School and Nursery        Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions