Using Our Facilities


As a body, the members, trustees, directors and staff of Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church
(WFUMC) believe that a church serves not only its membership family, but also the community of which it
is a part. Wesley Freedom desires to open its doors, literally and figuratively, in that spirit to individuals and
groups whose requests have merit in terms of ministry and community service. The following policies have
been written and approved in order to standardize and regulate the use of the building, grounds, and
equipment of Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church.

For all those requesting use of these facilities, it is understood that Wesley Freedom United Methodist
Church is a religious, not-for- profit, tax-exempt organization. It is further understood that the Renter/User
will not conduct or allow to be conducted any program(s), or take or allow to be taken any actions that
damage the image or undermine the principles and beliefs of Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church.


Facilities Use Policy

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Weddings At Wesley Freedom

For information on how to request space for a wedding at Wesley Freedom, please contact Diane James at

Please contact theOffice Managerfor more information or if you have any questions