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Sharing the Story of God’s Grace

Happy First Week of August!

There are some exciting opportunities that will unfold in the next couple of weeks. Please continue to check the website and read your weekly emails. We are in the midst of planning some Family Fun Nights, where children and their families can grow and learn together.

This Sunday, August 2 we will hear the story of Jesus feeding the Five Thousand as found in the Gospel of Matthew 14: 13-21. Take time to read the scripture together as a family. Think about what it would have been like to hear Jesus in person. You and your family can also read this story in the Gospel of John 6: 1-14. Talk about the ways the stories are the same and how they are different.

Here are two youtube videos that you may enjoy. Watch together and then talk about them.

There are two coloring pages attached to this message.

I Wonder:
• I wonder why Jesus wanted to be in a place all by himself? Read John 14: 1-12 for help.
• I wonder why the crowds came?
I wonder what compassion is?
• I wonder about the words plenty, bounty and enough? How or why are those words important in my life?
• I wonder what they did with the leftovers?

Things to do as a family:
• Make a meal for a neighbor, friend or someone in need.
• Make a donation to a Food Ministry.
• Make a meal together. Talk about how the people in the crowd ate and were filled.
• Talk about food and the decisions you make regarding purchasing, eating out and where you do your shopping.
• Learn how to make bread.

• Drawing or painting the story.
• Using play dough to make the fishes and loaves.
• Sending a note to someone who is lonely or you haven’t been able to see.


Shery Perrine, Director of Children and Family Ministries


Kids Creating Kindness

Children in Missions

Kids Creating Kindness is a mission opportunity for children who are in grades 2-5 and their families. Stay tuned for information as we seek for ways to continue this ministry during COVID times. 

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